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Our laboratory has a very long history, which is mainly originated from the Division of Animal Ecology that was founded by the famous animal ecologists Prof. Zheng-Huang Shou and Prof. Wu-Ping Xia in 1962. In 2006 the lab was formally named the Key Laboratory of Animal Ecology and Conservation Biology of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Now the lab director is Prof. Fu-Wen Wei, and the director of academic council is Prof. Yi-Yu Chen (academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences). 

The main goal of the lab is to reveal the ecological and genetic mechanisms of the wild animals being in severe danger in China, and the research is mainly focused on the basic theory of conservational biology and its application. At present our research interesting concerns: (i) animal behavior, adaptation and evolution; (ii) ecology and conservation genetics of the endangered species; (iii) application of the modern molecular biological technology in conservation biology; (iv) protection of wild animal resource and management; (v) serving and consulting for the national strategy in biodiversity protection, sustainable availability of wild animal resource, and performance of the international convention.Key Laboratory of Animal Ecology and Conservation Biology, CAS